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Happy Hour Cocktails $5

[Available Monday to Friday from  2– 6]
-"Y Porque No" Margarita
-Sangria of the Day
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Bar Bites- Offered Anytime

Coctele s  y  Ceviche s

try a miniature version of our famous seafood cocktails
 Coctel de Camarón, Ceviche Traditional, Vuelve a la Vida
8 single 14 duo

Tacos Callejeros

an order of [3] rustic street tacos:

Pato en Mole Poblano- braised duck with mole Poblano
Carnitas - slow cooked pork served with
salsa Mexicana, cilantro and onions  
Cuaresmeños Rellenos de Chorizo - chorizo stuffed
jalapeno peppers   [Hugo’s favorite from Huatulco]


Large masa pancake shaped like a shoe topped with onions, crema and cilantro. Choose from:
Pollo | grilled chicken with tomatillo sauce 14
Bistec| skirt steak topped with salsa de ajo 16
Verduras| refritos, squash, corn & avocado 12

Bar Bites

Gorditas de Lengua  12
masa pancakes stuffed with beef tongue,
tomato, green chile, cilantro, onion

Garnachas de Cachete de Res  12
sweet potato masa boats, beef cheeks in mole de Xico

Tostada de Camarón    8
[1] sautéed shrimp tostada with refried black beans, crema fresca and queso fresco 

Tacos Dorados de Papa    9
crispy potato tacos with avocado tomatillo salsa,
napa cabbage and pickled red jalapeños

Lechón    13
achiote rubbed tender suckling pig with crisp skin, habanero salsa and tortillas for rolling

Pulpo al Carbón    14
grilled octopus,  chipotle tomatillo salsa, & blue corn tortillas

Taquito de Langosta    11
our famous lobster taco


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